Loftwork Training Systems

Rail Safety

Driver Performance Assessment

From the arrival of competency-based assessment requirements from RailTrack (UK), we have helped railway operators and commercial developers specify a new generation of scenario-based assessment programmes that combine initial certification and recurrent training with ongoing workplace assessments for drivers, trainers and assessors. Implementing a new assessment regime has also involved restructuring training to ensure rail staff are adequately prepared and that training is as quick, safe and effective as possible.

Maintenance and Faulting

Loftwork provided subcontract expertise for major training projects for BRISS and technical staff and contractors covering all BR843 MkII barrier machines and crossing types. This included task analysis and instructional design specification for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and structural aspects of crossings and crossing operation from strike-in to reset.

Operational Safety and Confidential Reporting

Safety, although always a prime concern, also becomes a cost factor for privatised railways who must consider the impact of safety failings on insurance premiums as well as claims for consequential damage and track use.

Loftwork conducted a strategic safety review for ScotRail which applied aviation safety norms and systems to rail operations. This included specifying driver training restructure to ensure efficient team performance during abnormal and emergency procedures including decision-making, delegation, communication and situational awareness.

We conceived, specified and helped to develop the first rail confidential safety reporting system (CIRAS) modelled on CHIRPs and ASRS, which now includes RailTrack Scottish operations, Virgin Trains, Southwest Trains and other TOCs and Infrastructure Partners.

ATE and Station Staff Security

At the invitation of a major rail operator we reviewed retail safety/security issues in an urban transport setting, including typical issues such as school children, major sports events, political rallies, drug and alcohol abuse, social problems and verbal and physical assault, and their effect on retail staff morale and performance. We concluded that much of the problem related to retail staff interpersonal skills development and management communication failings, particularly in feedback on reported incidents.

West Cosst Mainline Saltley Signals Centre

Loftwork staff are working with Cambridge Ergonomics, Railtrack NMC, Union Signals and Switching and RailSafety to develop Human Factors safety content and a robust safety training implementation for the new set of tools and facilities at Saltley Signals Centre. The new Centre will be responsible for the entire length of the West Coast mainline from Euston to Glasgow and uses automated tools such as integrated Route Planning.


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